Over the years Kos Island has developed into a popular destination for thousands of international visitors during the long summer season from April until November.

Numerous large hotel units have emerged which, together with the smaller apartment units across the island, accommodate in total more than one million visitors every year.

The fragmented nature of medical services on the Island, the overwhelmed public health sector as well as language/cultural barriers in the region, created the need for a reliable and comprehensive medical service provider for the international visitors to the Island.

This is the gap that MedHome Hippocrates fills, providing 24hr comprehensive quality medical services to the international visitor of Kos Island.

  • The MedHome Hippocrates Company specializes in conveniently accessible, high quality, medical care – provided by experienced doctors at your door step.
  • We are a team of highly experienced doctors serving local residents all year round as well as thousands of visitors and tourists that come to Kos Island, Greece.
  • Effectively meeting the need for top quality medical service without the inconvenience of waiting at doctor’s surgery or  hospital, waiting to make appointments or driving through Kos’s road network looking to access medical care.  We make things simple…..
  • Medical services are provided at your location or one which is convenient to you.
  • Services are available 24/7.
  • No appointments needed days in advance – Immediate and effective.
  • Immediate solution to your health care needs.
  • Effective alternative to waiting at doctor’s office and making prolonged appointments.
  • We are associated and familiar with most of the specialized doctors and the hospital on Kos island.
  • Top quality medical service. Prompt. Reliable. Professional  – and of course, Personal!
  • Doctor is available for prompt follow-up after service.